Unique Solutions

The fact that we can meet almost every individual requirement makes us unique in our customers’ eyes. Our expertise and experience means that we can resolve our problems together with you in a unique way.

The needs of our customers are our primary concern. HINDERMANN GmbH & Co. KG sees itself as your partner. Our Development, Production and Customer Consulting Departments work in a coordinated manner, involving a close exchange of ideas with you, the customer. This enables us to turn your functional requirements into a reality within a short space of time, even in the face of difficult problems.

You will profit from the expertise we have gathered in a various business areas and in a wide variety of tasks over the last 50 years. Because we are not limited to one particular material or production process, you can expect us to produce the right solution tailored to your specific needs.

In this area of business individual product solutions are founded on broad experience and expertise and the right choice of materials and production processes.

Our solutions come into their own when things get difficult and seemingly impossible to resolve.

Contact us to solve your problem.


The two products shown here are just a selection of what we have to offer. The options available from HINDERMANN GmbH & Co. KG go far beyond the examples shown here.


2-part welded padded cover with press-stud fasteners.


Fabric cabinet fronts with integral surface reinforcement.